Hi there and welcome to my AboutBirdFeeders.com, a personal blog covering various topics about bird feeders, bird food and birds in general.

My name is Cynthia, a mother of 4 year old identical twin boys living with my family in Wilmington, NC. I was introduced to birds by my husband’s family. They have several bird feeders and I can spend hours watching them whenever I visit. My husband is also a bird lover and although I run this blog alone, he chips in with good ideas every now and then.

My favourite bird is the small but mighty hummingbird but I also have a soft spot for flamingos that I developed after seeing them while on a safari in Kenya as a kid. I dream of taking my sons there as well once I have saved enough.

Why did I start this blog?

  1. To share the knowledge about birds that I have accumulated over time with other bird lovers.
  2. I also love writing.
  3. To introduce other people to birding.

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