The Joy of Bird Watching

Ah, the joy of bird watching. If you’re like me, you receive special satisfaction from attracting birds to your backyard or garden. No doubt you have worked hard to transform your yard or garden into a space that attracts many different types of birds, and you enjoy just sitting and watching your new feathered friends for long … Read more

Attracting Birds To Your Backyard

What a delightful way to spend an afternoon — watching colorful feathered creatures flit about the yard. Hummingbirds that hover, jays that scrap over scraps, robins tugging earthworms! Just as you don’t visit places that aren’t welcoming, birds don’t visit every back yard. To watch them play, you need to make them welcome. Food, water, … Read more

Bird Watching Binoculars: Do’s and Don’ts

Expanding the eyes of a birder, binoculars are quite helpful, as they possess the power to greatly enhance the overall results of a bird outing. Decent binoculars make for decent birding, while poor binoculars can create missed opportunities with birds, as well as intense headaches that come from double vision, blurry images, and straining of … Read more

Birding by Ear to Identify Birds

The soothing sounds of a bird’s song are sometimes a shrieking irritation to some people. However, the truth is that you can use specific tunes to recognize the kind of feathered friend emitting the sounds you hear, which allows you to look up the species in a field book. This is accomplished by “tuning” into … Read more