Droll Yankee Bird Feeders Review

In my last article, An Introduction to Bird Feeders, I talked about some of the more popular types of bird feeders. In this article, I’d like to discuss one of the more popular bird feeder manufacturers. It’s a company with a rather unusual name — Droll Yankees.

The Droll Yankee company has been around for a long time and is well known to most bird feeding enthusiasts. What many people may not know is that Peter Kilham of Droll Yankees actually invented the tube feeder in 1969. That original model is still a best seller for the company today.

Droll Yankees manufactures many different types and models of bird feeders. One of the best features of these feeders is that most feeder models come with a Lifetime Warranty. According to their web site, the warranty even applies to squirrel damage which is surely a testament to the quality of these feeders.

I should mention that the lifetime warranty applies to all of the Droll Yankees feeders except for the Bird Lovers line. This line of all-plastic feeders is more economy priced and comes with a limited warranty only.

As you would expect from the company that invented the tube feeder, there are many different models of tube feeders to choose from. These feeders can be either hung or mounted on a pole. They feature metal tops, bases and feeding ports to extend the life of the feeder and protect against squirrel damage.

Droll Yankees also makes some nice Hummingbird Feeders. These feeders feature a leak-proof design with brass hanging rods, and they are very easy to clean and refill. All hummingbird feeders feature the trademarked Nectar Guard tip which prevents bees and other flying insects from stealing the nectar. For convenience, a nectar recipe is even engraved on the top section of the feeder.

The Droll Yankees hummingbird feeders feature from 2 to 8 feeding ports. The base is clear in order to easily view the level of nectar in the feeder and features red tops and feeding ports in order to attract hummers to the feeder. In addition, the feeders feature a perching rim to provide hummers with a resting place while they feed.

The plastic used in all of the Droll Yankees bird feeders is a UV-stabilized, clear polycarbonate. It is durable, helps protect the food from the sun’s rays and won’t yellow with age.

Droll Yankees also has a nice pole system which they appropriately refer to as an “erector set for the backyard.” With all of the options that are available, you are sure to find just what you need to set up your own backyard bird feeding stations.

Droll Yankees also makes suet, peanut, sunflower, finch (thistle) and window bird feeders. Although they manufacture a full line of feeders, they are probably best known for their innovative line of squirrel-proof feeders called the Yankee Family line. These include the Yankee Dipper, Yankee Whipper, Yankee Tipper and the famous Yankee Flipper.

I will be devoting an entire article to the Yankee Flipper very soon. Until then, I’ll let your imagination take flight with your own ideas of how a bird feeder called the Yankee Flipper keeps squirrels out of the bird food!

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