Wooden Bird Feeder Selection

When considering a bird feeder for your yard, one of the more important considerations is how it fits in with the look of your home. There are certainly a lot of different looks out there; sleek and modern metal feeders, beautiful and complex glass feeders, even the stark efficiency of plastic – but for many … Read more

Attracting Birds To Your Backyard

What a delightful way to spend an afternoon — watching colorful feathered creatures flit about the yard. Hummingbirds that hover, jays that scrap over scraps, robins tugging earthworms! Just as you don’t visit places that aren’t welcoming, birds don’t visit every back yard. To watch them play, you need to make them welcome. Food, water, … Read more

Cardinal Bird Feeder Selection

When you’re interested in watching the beautiful crimson plumage of the cardinal, bird feeder options may seem confusing. There are any number of feeders available, but when you’ve got a specific type of bird in mind, it’s important to know that the bird you want to attract – the cardinal, in this case – will … Read more

Bird Watching Binoculars: Do’s and Don’ts

Expanding the eyes of a birder, binoculars are quite helpful, as they possess the power to greatly enhance the overall results of a bird outing. Decent binoculars make for decent birding, while poor binoculars can create missed opportunities with birds, as well as intense headaches that come from double vision, blurry images, and straining of … Read more

Tips For Keeping Bird Feeders Clean

Bird feeding is one of the most popular hobbies in the United States. Many people fail to properly maintain and clean their bird feeders, though, which can lead to illness or even death of birds. Properly cleaning feeders on a regular basis is important to kill bacteria and maintain seed quality. Birds will also flock … Read more

Bird Watching for Beginners

Imagine yourself first waking up in the morning. The rays of the sun are just beginning to come through your window. Along with the sun, you start to hear the first melodious chirps of birds greeting the┬ábeginning of a new day. Have you ever wondered why they sing like that? What they look like? Or … Read more

Birding by Ear to Identify Birds

The soothing sounds of a bird’s song are sometimes a shrieking irritation to some people. However, the truth is that you can use specific tunes to recognize the kind of feathered friend emitting the sounds you hear, which allows you to look up the species in a field book. This is accomplished by “tuning” into … Read more

How to Squirrel Proof Your Bird Feeders

I like squirrels, I really do. I think they are cute and fun to watch. I love their playfulness, and I can even admire their intelligence and tenacity. What I tend to find annoying is the critters’ apparent belief that they are entitled to a large portion of the somewhat costly bird food that I … Read more